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C. L. Feindel was born in Houston, Texas, where she was raised on fantasy novels, the Sega Genesis, and Xena: Warrior Princess. She received degrees in history and psychology from the University of Houston and has worked as a ghost writer, editor, and graphic designer for a New York Times-Bestselling author. Now, she freelances for other creatives in everything from web design and webmastering to content editing and social media marketing.

In her spare time, she pens fiction, catches up on all of the non-Sega video games she missed growing up, and plays tabletop RPGs with her husband, who shares her passion and talent for world-building, character development, and genre-blending. They currently reside with a cat named Starbuck in central Texas, where they are presumably brainstorming their next grand adventure.

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The Woman and the War

There is soft yellow light in the hallway outside my cube, diffused only slightly by the thin curtain over the door at our feet. Heavy footsteps shuffle outside, some soul coming to bed far too late …

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Early Praise for Sedition

For Writers

Bringing Nurturing Art to WordPress

Earlier this month, I was contacted by Rita Loyd, an artist who was tired of the work involved to update her Dreamweaver site. Aside from converting her existing site to a Wordpress site, she wanted a …

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Set Up Your Website in Ten Minutes Flat

Just getting started as a blogger? Or maybe you're looking to set up a brochure, portfolio, or storefront for your business or hobbies? It's easier than you might think! This quick guide will walk you …

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The Fresh Perspective WordPress Theme

The Fresh Perspective Genesis Wordpress Theme is a bright, feminine burst of white and pink perfect for any visual artist looking for a beautiful blog design and portfolio. Fresh Perspective Genesis …

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